What Drives Us

Twyfords exists to unleash the power of collaboration to tackle the world’s most important and complex challenges.

Our aspiration

Is to be the team that global leaders turn to when they want to improve their capability to collaborate with others on complex and important problems.

We Believe

  • That collaboration works better
  • In the enormous capability of people
  • That people working together can tackle any dilemma and reach any goal
  • That the long-term success of our society depends on our ability to solve problems together
  • The better we are at working together the more we can achieve

We believe in the power of problem-solving ‘with’ others, not doing things ‘to’ or even ‘for’ them.


Because the world is a complex place, getting more complex every day. Our actions have far-ranging implications and we face challenges that none have faced before. We believe that simple solutions to complex problems are no solution at all. Rather, these challenges require us to face uncertainty and complexity.

Acknowledging complexity, exploring our mutual dilemmas and sharing our experiences, beliefs and values allows us to create ways forward that none could create on their own. To do this well we must close the gap between the need to work better together and our capability to do so.

Working better together works better. Together.

Work together with us today.