John Dengate

John believes in people- that everyone is capable of releasing their discretionary energy and surprising themselves in what is possible.

He sees the potential in a team to develop their capability to both run the process and deal with the content- developing interdependence within the team, rather than dependence on external facilitation

John taps into the creativity of the group to generate new pathways for solution finding, and helps them hold the collaborative frame as they navigate the new territory

He has worked across a range of technical and social spheres in building the capability of groups and organisations to tackle wicked problems with more confidence and ability

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John's latest blog posts

(Not) Walking into Uncertainty

Initially I was facing lots of unknowns regarding my treatment- did I have coronavirus?( test negative!), could I get to see the specialist…

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Build a relationship before you tackle a job

It reminded me of the challenges of getting things done when people are stressed, and I remembered a few things I have often found helpful…

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Collaboration- is the map a bit blurry?

However, clients have also reported some frustration in trying to apply the collaborative framework - while they appreciate the approach,…

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