We build your team’s capability to work collaboratively and to solve complex problems together.

Twyfords exists to unleash the power of collaboration to tackle the world’s most important and complex challenges.

We use a system of proven tools, methods and techniques to help shift behaviour and mindset towards a positive working environment.

Power of Co

Collaboration is the key to getting solutions that stick

With Twyfords, your team can successfully get agreement, take action, drive accountability, work together with confidence and feel supported.

Get Agreement

Problem: We have such different drivers, goals and preferred solutions that I don’t know how we will ever agree on the way forward.

Solution: The Power of Co System
makes agreement possible, even where opinions differ and trust is low.

Our smart tools and templates catalyse effective and constructive conversations that make agreed solutions a reality.

Take Action

Problem: We know progress is important but we’re just spinning our wheels with no commitment to getting anything done.

Solution: The Power of Co System is action-focussed to get you moving in no time, with less unnecessary talk and more traction.

The System drives small, quick actions that together build real progress.

Drive Accountability

Problem: People keep waiting for permission and not stepping up. Nobody wants to be accountable for taking action.

Solution: The Power of Co System drives accountability through high levels of ownership of and commitment to outcomes.

The System ensures everyone not only understands outcomes, but has their fingerprints on them. Trust is higher. People see what actions need taking and why, and have the confidence and commitment to act.

Work together with Confidence

Problem: We know we need to work differently together on this but we just aren’t clear what working differently looks like. We aren’t really sure what to do.

Solution: The Power of Co System shows you what to do and how to do it.

The System is a clear step-by-step guide. It gives you simple instructions and templates to follow, with all the rigour you want and as much flexibility as you need to apply it to your situation.

Feel Supported

Problem: I can see what needs to happen but I’m not confident I can make this work. What if I do it wrong?

Solution: The Power of Co system means you will never have to be on your own.

The System includes your own personal expert advisor to support and guide you every step of the way.

What some of our clients have to say

The Power of Co has made a huge difference to our way of operating and the way we think and act.

Lucy Baker, Manager
Environmental Science Greater Wellington Regional Council